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Study Abroad in Hong Kong

May 21, 2012

Day 1

Today I ate at a restaurant in the mall and noticed Hong Kong Automatically add a service charge – 10%

Also, Stay on the right sides on the escalator if you don’t wanna get ran over

Overalls and chunky shoes Are EVERYWHERE this is a trend in Hong Kong

We have to find our way back from the mall to our hotel using the MTR this is a very fast paced area people hopping in an out of the train must be ready and alert so you catch the right route of the train we stopped at a another mall on the way– the MTR uses a system with whats called an octopus card you load you mr card with money and use that to get around– the trains run back and forth and you hop on where you need to go

I noticed the train stations are full of outdoor advertising

Talked to a professor from Hong Kong she said the wine industry was huge due to no taxes– also the drug market is growing — big in the secondary schools

HK residents aren’t buying the luxury goods… Tourists and mainland china people are

The difference between mainland and HK China gets smaller and smaller much more apparent earlier on

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