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Study Abroad in Hong Kong

May 21, 2012

Day 5/6

Visited 1000 Buddhas monastery—A long winding pathway of sculpted Buddhas. There were old men pretending to be Buddhist monks selling trinkets at the beginning of he monastery. Real Buddhist Monks won’t ask you for money. This men were literally begging for our money, kind of took away from the meaning behind a monastery–but I guess you have to make it in this world anyway that you can.

Visited the Hong Kong heritage museum learned about Roman Tan- an iconic popstar of the Hong Kong music scene. Born in baise guanxi china in 1945
The first Hong Kong artist to perform at the Royal Albert hall in London and the Lincoln center in NYC
Passed away at 57
Up until the 1970s western pop was the norm in Hong Kong — Tran had the look (looked like Beatles) to make it big

I also saw a job posting for a waitress in the Soho shopping district. One of the requirements was that you had to be fluent in English. This shows the huge tourist destination Hong Kong is.

Soho is a long winding road full of shops and restaurants serving food from all over the world. I had never seen streets so narrow and full; people were literally hanging out into the traffic at the restaurants

The men from this area are the most fashionable men I have seen–Adidas is KING here

People from the street trying to sell products will literally push a flyer in your face. This is not a good sales tactic in my opinion I do not like being pushed to buy something.


The Chinese put a lo of emphasis on sanitation-the handrails at the MTR are constantly cleaned and in some of the restrooms there is a tenant who cleans up after each person leaves. Disinfection stations all over the place.


The SOGO area is teaming with people trying to score a deal–it is Thankful Week-an annual sale were merchants mark their goods to insane levels. It is also SOGO’s 27th anniversary.


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