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Study Abroad in Hong Kong

May 21, 2012

Day 7/8

I got struck with a fever yesterday so I was bedridden most of the day. Not much going on today for me but I did watch a lot of TV and read the newspaper as to not be totally out of the loop. I looked at Mtv China and the awards show was on. There were a lot of boy and girl bands similar to those in the US. There is a lot more music on this Mtv then back at home which was a pleasant surprise. While reading the paper I learned their was a bomb threat on the MTR. This was a hoax of course but precautionary measures were taken, the police arrived and the man was arrested. Hong Kong is also allowing more promotional deals to those who use the MTR frequently. Riders will receive free credits once a certain fare is obtained. The locals aren’t to happy about this stating not many people spend a lot each week using the MTR. Only time will tell to see if this is a profitable venture.

I felt better towards the night, so I friend and I went out to the ladies market. I haggled my way in to a new pair of blue flats, 4 Hong Kong influenced magnets, a jeweled elephant, and a wall hanging all for about 3 American dollars! I am excited to have scored such amazing deals.

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