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E-Portfolio Overview


This project focused on an individual’s ability to express his/her originality by creating portfolio sets in Polyvore. Each week, a different topic was proposed. Portfolio sets had to be created and interpreted based on the topic at hand. Polyvore is an excellent site for those wanting to showcase their artistic work. The site hosts numerous feedback options and allows for constructive criticism. In the beginning, I was very foreign with Polyvore, and how useful it could be. I have since become much more familiar with beneficial techniques that I incorporate in my sets. I began using the Polyvore clipper to my advantage. When browsing though web sites to find items for my sets, anything that caught my eye I used the clipper to obtain. This was very helpful because Polyvore does not carry everything I needed to convey points I was trying to make in my portfolio sets.

I played around with cropping, template options, backgrounds, text additions, resizing, and color choices to add meaning to my sets. Polyvore sets allowed me to integrate vital trend information and pass these along to my peers and future employers. I have gained much more knowledge though use of Polyvore and can use what I have learned to distinguish myself from the pack. I now know what looks good and what goes together to produce an aesthetically pleasing garment; which is important in my hopes of becoming a successful merchandiser because one has to understand the basic concepts of putting an outfit together that can be worn without dismay or reluctance.

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