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Promotional Campaign Project

MDSE 3850: Study of the promotion of apparel and home furnishing throughout production and distribution systems.  Emphasis is on various promotional tools such as print and broadcast advertising, interactive media, sales promotion, public relations, and special events in a merchandising environment.

Learning Objectives

  • The purpose of this assignment is to provide students experience in applying course concepts related to Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotions
  • The goal of this assignment was to research a company’s current promotional strategy and develop a new promotional campaign that would reposition that company in the market

Learning Outcomes

  • How to re-position a brand more effectively
  • The importance of advertising and promotions to reach a target audience
  • Creative design techniques to create promotional outlets
  • I will apply what I have learned in my professional career by constantly evaluating and revamping my personal brand to more closely align with my culture of my company

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